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  • Why You?
    I want to answer this question by providing credentials. I'm pretending I'm interviewing for a top company and you've asked me this question. 😋 -First and foremost.. I was voted "Oregon's Best Videographer 2023" by Oregon Wedding Day magazine. That was an incredible blessing and I'm so proud of this title. I want to always strive to be the BEST for my clients and for myself. -My films have been published in magazines as well as displayed at festivals. (Could be your film next?) -I went to film school AND fine art school. Which I'd like to think has merged my creative artsy side with my technical nerdy side. I have intimate knowledge of my equipment as well as a fun eye for unique, beautiful moments. -Since I started shooting weddings six years ago, I've received nothing but gleaming reviews from clients. I am proud to be making memorable, gorgeous work while being compassionate and caring toward you and your family on your wedding day. -I've worked for enormous film companies like the BBC, LAIKA, BentoBox, Adult Swim, etc! -Finally, I LOVE my job. If you read my 'about me' you'll know I had some health concerns a few years ago. It changed my perspective on things. I am so thankful for every single wedding I shoot, genuinely. I love every couple I meet. I am blessed beyond belief that my life, every day, is getting to work with people who are in love with each other, and helping them remember that love. (Why am I tearing up writing this?)
  • Can you explain your pricing?
    Yes! This is one of the more tender topics, and can sometimes be awkward! As a small business, pricing sometimes feels less clear than a big-box-capitalist-money-business. The numbers you see on my pricing page reflect a multitude of considerations. Considerations like.. my education, the cost to run a business (spoiler: it's unrealistically high in Oregon), demand for videographers, and what other filmmakers in my area are charging. HOWEVER.. is any of that sexy? Is any of that a concern of yours? No, it's not. What IS your concern and what IS important to you is if your wedding video is true to you, if your wedding video is goose-bump-activating or if strangers on the internet well-up listening to your vows. You want to remember how you two looked at each other. That is what I will work as hard as I can to provide. Set some dream goals for your wedding video, I'll match them, I promise. I love what I do, and I am 100% certain investing in Stone Light is worth it.
  • Do you Offer Any Assistance with Pricing?
    Yes! You can pay with a credit card through my site. There is no fee to use the service (I eat that cost!) so feel free to get points, miles, cash back etc. Aside from your deposit of 25%, the remaining balance can be paid at any point prior to your wedding day. If you want to send me $100 a month because that feels right to the two of you, let's do it. I have combo deals with a couple photographers that may help you save. Ask me about it! Let's figure out if there's a custom package that would be perfect for your budget, I'm always up for working things out.
  • Do you offer photography?
    At the moment... no. But.. maybe ask me about it.... there are some things in the works.... OR, in the meantime, I have a few photographers that I absolutely love. I can get us all in contact and may even be able to get a combo package made to help you save a bit of money.
  • Do You Travel for Weddings?
    Yes! I take up to three weddings where I'll need to travel per year. I will send you a flat rate for travel, that's it! I will book all my own travel, lodging, and meals, so it's as simple as can be for you.
  • What is your turn around time?
    My contracted turn around time is 40 days. Depending on the time of year, this could be sooner. Mid summer though.. you can expect about 40!
  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
    - Venmo - Apple Pay - Zelle - Credit Card (get those points!) - Debit Card - Cash - Check
  • What is Required to Book?
    In order to fully book, I will take a 25% non-refundable deposit and a contract that can be signed online.
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My Process




You Reach Out to me

You can fill out my contact form, linked below! It'll ask for your names, wedding date and email! 

We have a phone call

I'll get back to your inquiry as soon as I can! I'm pretty quick! I'll usually request that we have a phone call to chat more about your big day and answer any questions. 

Contract + Deposit

After our phone call, I'll send you over a contract and your deposit information. You can pay through my website, and sign the contract electronically! 
Once both are done.. you're booked!

After Booking

From there, I'm available anytime to answer questions, watch inspiration videos, and listen to concerns. I want to be as helpful as I can. I am rooting for you every step of the way. 

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