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Rowena Crest + Hoyt Arboretum Elopement

My first correspondence with Greta and Dillon included the words "Adventure Elopement". And adventure we did! And elope they did. <3 The pair got ready at the stunning Woodlark Hotel in Downtown Portland. The beautiful design of the hotel leant itself perfectly to their elegant attire. He in an understated emerald suit and her in stunning sleeves and a bubble braid. She also had pearls on her nails! They did their first look in the main lobby of the hotel and it was jaw dropping!

We drove then to Hoyt Arboretum which is located in Washington Park along the west side of Portland. Hoyt is a beautiful collection of trees from all over the world, nestled amongst Oregon old growth forest. Within the park, there is a redwood observation deck. This is the perfect place to say vows or take pictures. You do need a permit most weekends of the year, so be prepared and be respectful of the park. There is something magical about being surrounded by some of the tallest trees in the world, feeling so small beneath them, and celebrating your celestial love. To find the Redwood deck, you will head to Steven's Pavillion and walk down the trail to the left. It's maybe a 10 minute walk through the woods to the redwoods.

That wasn't nearly the end though. We next drove out to Rowena Crest. This is a gorgeous lookout point located in the Columbia Gorge. We hopped on the Tom Mccall Point trail and hiked 2.5 miles up to the top! The couple shared their first dance in golden hour at the top of bluff. Snow capped mountains stood somber and sturdy in the distance as their only audience. They popped champagne and lit lanterns to lead us back down the trail.

I've never met a couple that was more in line with each other. Every sentence was mirrored and reciprocated. The two felt so in tune it almost felt like we (the photographers and I) were intruding on an inside joke. It was beautiful.

Watching their video makes me feel like the smell of pine trees after the rain, cold wind whipping through your hair and making you giggle, dirt that gets caked on your hiking boots, the sun setting over a mountain in the distance, and the pink light it casts over the valleys below.

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