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Tattooed, Elegant Portland Wedding

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

One night (over a year ago now), a beautiful, tattooed, black haired woman knocked on my front door. She was holding a tin of cookies and was welcoming me to the neighborhood. A few weeks later, I found out that she was engaged, and didn't have a videographer!

She now says that she manifested me and our friendship. I offered to do it for free, and our friendship started there. Nina and I have always had a policy of generosity and listening ears. I love that about us. Long nights spent on each other's porches with sneaky cigarettes and lots of red wine. I am so thankful to have met Nina as a client, and built a deep friendship with her, too. <3

Nina and Seanan are a perfect example of fortitudinous love. They are each other's strong shelters in all the gusty winds pushing on Portland, Oregon. They got married at University Club of Portland, in downtown. Their wedding was emotional and beautiful. They were surrounded by friends and family who'd flown across the country to be there to celebrate them. They planned the whole event to a T, with traditional drinks from Nina's family, the groomsmen in bolo ties, a champagne tower and even a tintype photographer to entertain and delight.

Their guests danced the night away in the main room of UC to a live band that kept things hopping all night. The drinks were flowing and people gave passionate toasts after (probably) imbibing just a bit too much. But this lead to many tears, hugs and real feelings coming out.

Nina and Seanan's wedding video makes me feel like dried flowers used as decoration, red wine in an elaborate chalice, when you've been to a concert and your ears are full in the good way, a group of friends belly laughing, and lace curtains dancing in a night wind.

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