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You're taking a leap into unbridled, maddening love.

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I'm getting the whole thing on film

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Portland, Oregon
Wedding Videographer

"Oregon Bride Best Videographer 2023" 

The Lovestory: 

Marriage is an exploration of the deepest parts of yourself. It's allowing another human being to shine a flashlight into your ribcage. Your wedding day is a culmination of expectation, panic, romance and adoration. You're declaring that this is your person, and you're doing it in the most you way possible. 

I don't know you yet.. but I'm excited to. I'm ready to make films that are as magical and delicious and wild as you are...

Let's show your grandkids how cool you were

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Meet Me.
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“Gabrielle and her work was one of the BEST things to come out of the wedding. Gabrielle was extremely responsive, knowledgable, fun, and professional.
I mean she literally gave us our own little movie that we get to cherish the rest of our lives.”

- Kayra

Which path is feeling right? 

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